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Implement A Solid Marketing Strategy For The Summer


If you’re shy and timid and you’re scared at the thought of talking to random people and businesses, then you’re in for a shock. Your summer hustle is never going to take off if you don’t go out there and let people know you’re open for business.

So, before you even think about which marketing strategy to employ, you need to figure out how you can toughen up ASAP. You need to build the confidence so you can market and ‘sell’ yourself to potential clients.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects: Would you want to do business with someone who exudes confidence or someone who doesn’t? I’m sure you’ll choose the former.

Once you’ve built your confidence in your skills and believe you can deliver what your summer hustle promises to deliver, then it’s time to market yourself to your audience.

Now, the kicker is that there are many different types of marketing techniques you can use. Look around you, how are your competitors marketing their brand? Is it working for them? Should you do the same or should you look for another strategy, so you can tap into a different and less saturated market?

What you ultimately decide on will depend on your industry. But, for starters, let me give you an idea of the most common marketing strategies that can work for many summer hustles.

Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth is probably the simplest form of marketing there is, yet it’s also one of the most effective. How many times have you bought a product or subscribed to a service your family and friends have recommended? Or, how often do you ask them for recommendations?

The reason why word of mouth works so well is that we tend to trust the judgment of people we personally know. So, when they say you should check out this new business on 8th Street, then you’ll go check it out as soon as you get some free time.

For your summer hustle, it’s important you use your existing network of friends. Ask them to help you get the word out about your service. If anyone asks them why they should do business with you, they can easily vouch for your skills, your talent, or your integrity.

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