Why Having a Summer Hustle Is Good For You


Even if you are not looking to save up any money over the summer, you may still want to think of creating a summer hustle. Here are some of the top reasons why having a summer hustle is good for you.

1. Improve your quality of life. When you have money coming in, it can provide “fun money”. This means you can use the money to save up or invest or even treat your family to a vacation! Don’t forget to always give back to your community, and always spend in moderation. You don’t want to get used to a more expensive lifestyle if your summer hustle income is not quite stable.

2. Have an outlet for your creativity. If spend a lot of time focusing on school work, you may not have much room for creativity. A summer hustle you’re passionate about will help you get the creative release you so desire

3. Build your emergency fund. Have you ever heard the term “rainy day fund”? It is money that is only used for an emergency. Being young your only emergency might be a flat bike tire or maybe even school supplies, but it always good to have money to tuck away.

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